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Royal Nation

We Care For Our Clients

A business coaching and consulting company, designed to help you discover and reach your God-given potential. Royal Nation was created to take your business to the next level. Whether your business is at its beginning stages or needs revitalization, Royal Nation is here to help. 

We Provide Creativity

We assess, implement, and execute your custom plan all while empowering you and your team. We remove the guess work out of start-ups and guide even the most expert level of companies with innovative and cutting edge strategies.

What Make Us Royal

Royal Nation Worldwide believes that as you discover the life ahead of you, developing your business acumen births a society, a nation of royalty where we may all explore the richness that your path in business has to offer.

We Offer

Business Coaching

Need coaching for you and your team? Get the Royal experience and take your business to the next level.

Starting at $75 hourly

Business Consulting

From entrepreneurs to corporate consulting, we can develop the plan that targets intentional goals.

Starting at  $250

Operations Optimization

Let us help you optimize your workflow, personnel and daily operations.

Investments may vary.


Get To Know the C.E.O.


Eve Paul affectionately known as the Chief Empowerment Officer, was born in Hollywood, FL to Haitian immigrant parents, Josue and Valcia Paul. They came to the U.S. in 1985. Her business acumen began at a very young age. Much of what she emulates in business was inherited from her Father. A social entrepreneur that had a strong belief to improve the lives of anyone that was a client of his. Her mother instilled the passion for service, a helping others through supporting Maison D’Espoi, House of Hope in Haiti.

Eve always believed that both of her loves would collide: Passion for business and Passion for service, and so it did. She began helping her father structure his successful at home business, complete with marketing, branding, and improved

technology to manage existing and new clients. Her father saw production improve considerably, she implemented systems to capture areas to increase efficiency. She later founded ANGELS Inc, a community service organization, one of the fastest growing impactful community service organizations in central Florida. In 2017, she became the Chief Empowerment Officer of Royal Nation.

Now she is a resident and business owner in Hallandale Beach, FL with an office in Davie, FL. She empowers and encourages success within all of her clients to reach their God-Given potential. She serves others in need through her church, Higher Vision Ministries. Her love of design and creativity is displayed through her Events Experience company Chateau De Everose. Eve also has a podcast called Inherited Wisdom and series called Bold: Minute to Win It. In May 2021, Royal Nation joined WealthBuilders Business Development Center in a joint venture creating a powerful partnership bringing direct service opportunities to all clients. Eve has answered her call to serve others in all that she does. Her philosophy is "Let all that you do be done in excellence."


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